Moje cesta k salse: Alexandra (EN)

Alexandra has been interested in music since her early childhood in Hungary already, played piano for 8 years, but in 2007 she found herself on a salsa class in Hungary as emotional support of a friend. "I have always been the clumsy one. Stepping on the guy's feet, never knowing where is left or right, zero body control... Tough start, but I took it as a challenge.

After my first one week intensive salsa camp, I finally saw hope that this can work." The biggest influence in the first few years was the Hungarian school Salsa Fuerte. Fuerte was the school where Alexandra started to learn how explain moves and steps, how to be a good teacher, a better dancer, thanks to the great examples in front of her Balàzs Puskas, and Tamás Polgar. "I will never forget those extra trainings where they taught us how to teach and lead a class, knowledge that I treasure till today." The years in Fuerte gave Alex friends, and great passion for dance. All these years she was focusing on Cuban salsa and afrocuban culture. Moving to Czech republic in 2013 was a great change. "It opened my eyes and blew my mind, people danced so many different styles! I took a deep breath and jumped in the water - started to learn zouk, kizomba and samba de gafieira. Salsa is home, kizomba is love, and the rest is fun." Finally she sticked to salsa and kizomba, and currently she is giving classes/workshops in these styles. "Then I met Jesus and Markito, and their love to salsa on2 and to salsa music in general was just impossible to ignore. And I found my new challenge in salsa on2 that I absolutely love. The sabor, the elegance, the technique!!!" Alexandra is teaching currently regular classes in Prague, Brno and Jihlava, but occasionally gives workshops elsewhere in Czech republic and in different countries of Europe from Sweden to Cyprus. "When I teach I always try to explain clearly, well detailed and with a little bit of fun to make it easy to remember. I want my students to fall in love with the dance, music and culture, and to make them hungry for more. As I lead and follow also, I always put highlight on the connection, and correct posture." Alexandra never stopped being a student, she is trying to visit festivals, and take classes from the greatest artists of the scene. "A dancer that says I have nothing more to learn, is not a true dancer yet." Alexandra Nagy Apart from her classes, and the great feedbacks of her students, Alexandra achieved some recognition also in competition. In 2016 she won with Pavel Maximenko the "Nothing but salsa" competition in Prague, and in 2017 they won first place on the Czech open salsa championship.